Never early think future

It might seem like your 20s are too early to start thinking about life insurance, but we’d have to disagree. No matter what life stage you’re in, life insurance can be an important way to provide financial security for you and your loved ones.

Meet Katie J., a 25-year-old project coordinator for a nonprofit that works with children with life-threatening illnesses. Her philosophy centers on being present and “all in” with whatever matter is at hand, from her fiancé, Rayce, and her golden retriever, Ryder, to her health and wellness. Living a healthy and active lifestyle is always something that Katie strives for—she goes on regular bike rides and hikes with Rayce, takes walks with Ryder and maintains a balanced diet on a daily basis.

Before she found the John Hancock Vitality program, Katie had no interest in buying life insurance – a sentiment most people her age share. But for Katie, life insurance with the John Hancock Vitality program—which rewards policyholders for healthy lifestyle choices like eating well and going to checkups at the doctor—plays a pivotal role in keeping her accountable and on track with her exercise and healthy eating habits.

While she enjoys the rewards the program offers, what Katie most appreciates is that the John Hancock Vitality program has made life insurance relevant to her daily life. For Katie, the program is a way for her to take charge of her health and protect her future now. As Katie would say, “It just makes sense.”

For recently engaged couples and newlyweds like Katie, the first step to creating a successful long-term financial plan is ensuring you have a secure foundation from which you can build your life together. Life insurance protects the plans you’ve made so that if something were to happen to you or your spouse, the other one would be taken care of.

Watch the video to see why life insurance with the John Hancock Vitality program is a smart choice for Katie and other young couples.