Life insurance can be life changing

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month, and a perfect opportunity to spend a moment thinking about what a policy could do for you. Whether you’re in your 20s or 70s, life insurance can be an important way to provide financial security for you and your loved ones. And a policy like John Hancock with Vitality does more—it’s a program that rewards members for making good choices, like regular exercise and healthy meals.

Brian and Carla R. have been customers of John Hancock for more than 15 years and purchased a John Hancock with Vitality life insurance policy after seeing an advertisement on television. The retired couple, who moved to Apple Valley, Ohio, from Florida to support and care for Carla’s parents, view their life as “all about balance.”

Their Fitbits are a constant source of motivation and a conversation-starter with friends as they embrace a busy and active retired life. They enjoy physical activity by going on walks together, playing golf, and taking care of their home and garden in Apple Valley.

“You won’t catch me drinking a protein shake, but I get all of my steps,” says Brian.

The John Hancock with Vitality program has played a major role in encouraging the couple to think about their health and wellness. Their healthy lifestyle has earned them savings and rewards that have allowed them to truly celebrate their retirement, including discounted cruises, more than a dozen discounted hotel stays, and gift cards.

For retirees like Brian and Carla, life insurance protects the retirement they’ve planned and safeguards their estate and the legacy they’ve envisioned. The John Hancock Vitality program is also available to people age 71 and above, and has customized goals that take into account the unique health and wellness considerations of this age group, so they’ll get credit for the things they do to stay healthy, but at a pace that makes sense.

Watch the video to see how John Hancock with Vitality provides support and motivation to help couples like Brian and Carla stay healthy, active and financially secure.